The Subterranean Control Room is a group of rooms in Sector 1 / Biosphere. It appears in Metroid: Other M.


First room[]

The Subterranean Control Room's main room is where several mini-boss battles take place. In terms of appearance, the room is elongated and consists of metal architecture. The floor has a large pattern of several columns with yellow borders surrounding each column. On either wall is a series of pipes and cables, which serve an unknown purpose, as well as what appear to be power lights and a group of six vents. Additionally, there is a Desbrachian-covered hatch on the back wall. When defeated after the credits, an Energy Part can be obtained behind the hatch it was guarding.

The Fune and Namihe fire projectiles at Samus.

When Samus first enters the room, she is forced to fight two Ghalmanians. Once they are defeated, she can proceed into the next rooms. Upon her return, she is attacked by a Fune and Namihe, who burst through the walls and ceiling to attack her. Several of the pipes are left bent after the walls are damaged. After the creatures are defeated, a Morph Ball launcher activates in the tunnel Samus entered the room from.

Navigation Booth[]

A standard Navigation Booth, with no special events taking place here. Using it is recommended in between battles.

Second room[]

The second room is very similar in appearance to the first, with a blast door on the back wall. This blast door has a total of six locks on it: two horizontal locks in the center, and four vertical ones in the top left and right, and bottom left and right. The locks flip up and then retract when the door opens.

The Diffusion Beam.

Here, Samus fights three FG II-Graham units, which drop the Diffusion Beam once defeated. After Samus collects the beam, the blast doors retract and a pair of Fly Pods growing over a computer display is revealed. The Fly Pods endlessly spawn Reos until they are destroyed. Once Samus has cleared out the creatures, she can use a terminal below the monitor to unlock the door in Navigation Booth C. This also causes the lights in that Booth to come on.

Connecting rooms[]



Diffusion Beam
Rewarded after defeating the FG-II Graham units.
Energy Part
Can only be obtained post-credits. Samus must defeat the Desbrachian and proceed into the small room it was guarding.