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Super Metroid Stare-E-O Poster

The Super Metroid Stare-E-O Poster is a stereogram poster based on Super Metroid. It was available through the Nintendo Power Super Power Supplies Catalog in winter 1994[1] for $13. The poster is 19"x27" and primarily red, dark pink and purple in color. Concept artwork of Samus Aran's Gunship, Kraid, a Zebesian, a Kihunter and Ridley from Super Metroid is featured on the poster in addition to names. These include Spazer, Morphing Ball, Speed Booster, Space Jump, Plasma Beam, Ice Beam and Samus Aran. Tips on how to see through the illusion are included with the poster.

Catalog descriptionEdit

Nintendo Power Supplies Catalog scan (credit TopSpot123)

Limited Edition. The enemies on Zebes are focusing in on their latest victim. But can you? Tips included. 19 " x 27 ".

Item # [number] $13.00

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