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The "Super Missile drop" is a room in Brinstar. It appears in Super Metroid. This is where the first Super Missiles in the game are obtained in the normal course of events, without Sequence Breaking.


This room can only be visited (normally) after defeating Spore Spawn, and is part of the pink area of Brinstar. It is entered from the top exit of that creature's room. Initially, it appears to be a short corridor with a pit in the middle, where an Air Hole is located that spawns Zebs infinitely. Odd, bulbous growths can be seen in the background. Samus can kill the Zebs as they spawn to recover any energy and Missile Ammo lost in the battle with Spore Spawn. On the right is another Air Hole directly against the wall. Stepping onto this will reveal it is actually a pair of Pit Blocks, and Samus will fall down a very long drop, hence the room's name. This drop is lined with metal columns against the area's natural pink soil.

At the very bottom of the drop is more architecture and a Chozo Statue that holds the Super Missiles. Barring a Sequence Break that allows Samus to get an alternative Super Missile Tank, these are the first Super Missiles she acquires in Super Metroid. After this, Samus can leave through an exit on the left.

In the "pink shaft", a well-placed Super Missile (which must be obtained via Sequence Breaking) can be fired into a block offscreen, destroying it. Samus can then enter this room from the other way and obtain the Super Missiles without having to fight Spore Spawn first.

Connecting rooms[]


  • Zebs spawning infinitely from an Air Hole


Super Missile
In the hands of the Chozo Statue.