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The "superheated runway" is a room in Norfair. It appears, with significant differences between versions, in Metroid and Metroid: Zero Mission.


In Metroid, the room is a simple, thin corridor connecting between two longer corridors in Norfair. The ceiling and floor are each constructed from two rows of small blue blocks. An identical room, the "vestibule", appears in Brinstar.

In Zero Mission, the room has been significantly expanded and increased in size. It is now superheated, as is part of the preceding room, making it unsafe for Samus to proceed through here until she has the Varia Suit. She cannot proceed through here anyway without the Speed Booster. There is a long path - likened to an airport runway in the strategy guide - in this room, which leads to a midair platform with a wall made of Boost Blocks.

Past this is a tall, slightly leaning wall of rock that stands in front of the exit. Along the "runway" are numerous obstructions and enemies (Mellas and Sovas), which impede the Speed Booster. Samus can clear these out using beam shots and Bombs. Once the runway is clear, Samus can run until the Speed Booster activates, Spin Jumping as she reaches the edge to jump through the Boost Block wall. She should then be able to jump down from the top of the wall to the exit. If she misses the jump, she may fall into an open pool of lava below and have to climb out of it, then try again.

Connecting rooms[]


Zero Mission[]

There are no enemies in this room in Metroid.

Official data[]

Metroid: Zero Mission: The Official Nintendo Player's Guide[]

"A pile of rocks makes for an uneven surface. Shoot and bomb the rocks to cut down to the flat ground. Return to the right then run left and jump when you reach the edge. You'll boost through a barrier and land on the far ledge."