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Samus facing creatures in Survivor.

Exterminate the Xenomorphs before they exterminate you.


Survivor is one of three game modes in Metroid Prime Hunters: First Hunt. As the name implies, this is a survival-type mode where Samus is endlessly assaulted by waves of Metroids, Zoomers and Xenomorphs. She must defeat as many enemies as possible before dying. Survivor takes place on the Assault Cradle level. The music accompanying this trial is a remixed version of Vs. Meta Ridley theme. Samus can obtain Missiles in this mode, as well as a temporary Damage power-up in the highest room. If Samus dies, a short cutscene depicting her kneeling on the ground in pain will show, before the Results Screen. Notably, her scream of pain here is a generic female screaming sound effect used in many video games.

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