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Official artwork of a suspensor platform in Crateria

The suspensor platform[1], also known as Kamer[2], is a mechanical platform in Super Metroid, found in Norfair, Crateria, and the Wrecked Ship on planet Zebes.


Due to its mechanical appearance, the suspensor platform appears to have been created by a sentient race, most likely the Zebesians or the Chozo.

They are non-hostile and do not cause damage upon contact. They usually float on water, but are also known to levitate in midair in areas without liquid. Samus Aran can stand on them, acting as platforms for her to use. However, her weight appears to greatly affect the suspensor platform that she is standing on, causing it to drop fast until Samus jumps off.


  • "Suspensor" appears to be a portmanteau of the words "suspension" and "sensor", seemingly describing the platform's function: it suspends in the air until it senses an object on top of it.
  • Sometimes, a suspensor platform seems to start dropping when Samus is simply in the air above them.
  • The suspensor platform performs the same function as the Septogg of planet SR388.
  • The horizontal suspensor platform and Tripper are both named "Kamer" in internal data, likely because they are both entities that act as platforms. However, vertical suspensor platforms are internally called "Shutter2", which is shared with various shutters.
    • By modifying the internal game data, "Kamer" suspension platforms can be programmed to move horizontally in a similar fashion to Trippers.



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