Swarmbot-G is Gandrayda mimicking a Swarmbot. It is the third form she will shapeshift into, and like normal Swarmbots, Swarmbot-G will circle near Samus while charging a powerful attack, but they can be overloaded easily, destroying them. The most effective way of destroying the bots is to Screw Attack them. The individual bots leave behind pickups.

Scan[edit | edit source]

"Morphology: Swarmbot-G. Group performs powerful attack, but it can be overloaded to destroy them."

Trivia[edit | edit source]


  • It is unknown how Gandrayda is capable of transforming into multiple Swarmbots, seeing as they are not a singular entity. It is possible that they share one "mind". It should be noted, however, that Phazon corruption had, at the time of her battle against Samus, increased her metamorphic capabilities to unknown levels, as hinted in her Logbook entry.
  • The Swarmbot-G form for Gandrayda resembles one of Dracula's abilities, Bat Moon, from the Castlevania franchise. Coincidentally, both Metroid and Castlevania acted as the namesake for the Metroidvania genre of games.
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