Not to be confused with the Nintendo Switch.

Helm Room

Switches are hexagonal objects that can be found in Metroid Prime Hunters. Typically blue or yellow in color, they serve as a minor Alimbic security system and have darker stripes inside of it.

When Samus interacts with a switch, she can activate or deactivate various things, such as doors or Jump Pads. Usually, she must shoot or scan one. In the Alinos Perch room, there are three Platform Switches used to activate a Jump Pad.

These switches act as the Hunters variant of the Interface Module, Hand Scanner and Terminal, although unlike those, it can be shot to activate it.


Helm Room
"This switch can unlock a door or power an object."
Rooms with Portals to the Landing Site
"Ship deck PORTAL activated."
Transfer Lock
"This projectile-sensitive switch controls the force field in this area."
High Ground
"The platform has been activated."
High Ground (2)
"SHIELD KEY has been activated."
Alinos Perch (Platform Switch)
"This projectile-sensitive switch activates a nearby platform."
Council Chamber (Jump Pad Switch)
"This projectile-sensitive switch activates the Jump Pad."