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The subject of this article is not named in-game.
The current title is from the game's internal data.

Tilt the Wii Remote up.
Tilt the Wii Remote down.

—On-screen tutorial

Switch (Complex)

Switch (Complex) (as named internally) is a lever mechanism featured in Transit systems on the Pirate Homeworld in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. This mechanism is what Samus must use to initiate travel between Transit Stations. Through Context Sensitive Interaction, they are activated by tilting the Wii Remote up, allowing Samus to slide the lever over to the right and then tilting the Remote down. A hologram above the mechanism depicts the motions, before changing to a map linking between Transit Stations.

Switches are also present in the Hangar Bay on Bryyo and Transit Station Leviathan elsewhere on the Pirate Homeworld. In these instances, the Switch opens the respective room's bay doors so that Samus' Gunship can enter for an upgrade or to land. In the latter instance, however, the Pirate Commander locks it before she can use it, and she must kill him and his Commando Pirates to release the switch.


Transit Stations
"Control terminal operates the transit system. Interact with the terminal to initiate travel."
Hangar Bay
"Bay door control system. Engage to manually override security system and open doors."
Transit Station Leviathan
"Control terminal operates ceiling shutters. Use terminal to open this area to the sky."

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