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Sylux is a powerful Bounty Hunter who appeared in Metroid Prime Hunters. Very little is known about Sylux, other than that he harbors a strong hatred for the Galactic Federation, and Samus Aran by association. Sylux appeared in the Special Endings of Metroid Prime 3: Corruption and Metroid Prime: Federation Force, both of which set him up as an antagonist in Metroid Prime 4: Beyond.


Very little is known about this character or why Sylux hates the Galactic Federation and Samus Aran. Sylux views fellow Bounty Hunter, Samus Aran, as an enemy by association for working with the Federation. His hatred of the Federation was strong enough that he was even willing to work alongside the Space Pirates, notably aiding them in attacking a Galactic Federation-owned Research Facility in 20X9.

Looking at the overall humanoid shape, and the humanoid hand holding the Shock Coil (Sylux's weapon of choice), it is possible, and sometimes assumed, that Sylux could be human. This theory is also backed partially by the use of stolen Federation gear and armor, which seem to be human in shape, however, Sylux's species in the cinematic intro of Metroid Prime: Hunters is labeled as "unknown." Sylux is seen fighting Federation soldiers in a location called "Cylosis". Sylux in the Federation Force ending has humanoid-looking hands as well.

Sylux's ship is the Delano 7, a blue X-shaped ship with aerofoils similar to the Lockjaw form. Along with Samus's Gunship, Rundas' Phrygisian-class gunship, and Ghor's armorsuit/gunship combination, the Delano 7 is one of the few hunter ships to appear in the games themselves, although Weavel's spaceship makes a small appearance in a docking bay during the cutscene for landing on the Oubliette, and Kanden's ship is detected by Samus' near the Celestial Archives.


Metroid Prime Hunters

Sylux first encounter

Sylux is first encountered.

Samus first encounters Sylux in the Weapons Complex on the Vesper Defense Outpost. They do battle, with Sylux using the Delano 7 to attack Samus during the battle. After this, Samus randomly encounters him while searching for the remaining Octoliths in the Alimbic Cluster.

Once Samus opens the way to the Oubliette, Sylux quickly enters the interdimensional prison, believing the Ultimate Power sought by him, Samus and five other Bounty Hunters to be there. Sylux reaches the center of the Oubliette and discovers the Seal Sphere. He, along with the other five Hunters begin eagerly firing at it, believing it contains the Ultimate Power. Instead, to their horror, Gorea emerges. It attacks the Hunters, assimilating their weapons and leaving them to evacuate the Oubliette in shame, while Samus stays behind to destroy the creature. Sylux is last seen escaping the Oubliette, shortly before its destruction.

Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

Delano 7 MP3

Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

In the Special Ending of Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, Samus departs for space in her Gunship. She is unknowingly followed by a mysterious spacecraft, piloted by Sylux.

Metroid Prime: Federation Force

Sylux in Federation Force

Sylux at the end of Federation Force.

During M17: Infestation, the Federation Force is ordered to destroy a Metroid-breeding facility on Talvania. General Alex Miles asks each Marine in the Force to retrieve a Metroid Egg for study.

If this objective is complete, a cutscene after the credits shows Sylux breaking into a Federated Force research station. He uses a device on his arm to hack the stasis tube containing a Metroid Egg, causing it to hatch. The camera then zooms out to show the individual has a shoulder spike resembling that of Sylux. Logan Foster, a contract environment artist for the game, confirmed it was Sylux in the ending.

Metroid Prime 4: Beyond

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Beyond Sylux silhouette

Sylux as he appears in Beyond.

For years after the release of Corruption, it was speculated that the pilot of the ship was Sylux due to the ship's resemblance to the Delano 7. At E3 2015, the producer of the Metroid Prime series, Kensuke Tanabe, confirmed that the pilot was in fact Sylux. He referred to Sylux using male pronouns and expressed interest in developing a game about Samus and Sylux.[2][3] This potential game would be released after Metroid Prime: Federation Force, which was meant to flesh out the role of the Galactic Federation in the series.

At E3 2017, Metroid Prime 4: Beyond was announced under the working title of Metroid Prime 4. Sylux was again heavily rumored to have a role in the game, and this proved to be true when he appeared at the end of the Announcement Trailer in 2024. Here, he appears to be leading a faction of Space Pirates in an attack on a Galactic Federation Research Facility, with Sylux emerging from a hole blown in a wall followed by two docile Metroids. Samus appears to recognize him.


Like all other Hunters in the game, Sylux is capable of defeating Samus and taking one of her Octoliths. In order to complete the game, Samus needs all of the Octoliths, and thus must fight her thief again in order to gain it back.

Mphunters 04

Sylux's Affinity Weapon is the Shock Coil. The Shock Coil was a prototype weapon under development by the Galactic Federation. It is an illegal combat technology: It fires a continuous beam of concentrated neutrinos at its target. It was eventually stolen by Sylux, along with a prototype suit, Lockjaw, and the Delano 7. The Delano 7 is encountered twice in the game, and it is the only Hunter ship other than Samus' seen (in detail) in the game. Interestingly, despite hating the Galactic Federation, Sylux currently only uses equipment that was designed and made by them.


Sylux's alt-form, the Lockjaw.

Sylux has an alternate form known as the Lockjaw. In this form, Sylux becomes a ball of green energy the size of Samus's Morph Ball form, surrounded by two entwined, metal bars that look like a deformed version of the Delano 7 with energy threads connecting them together. Sylux can deal a large amount of damage in this form and is quite agile. While in this form, Sylux can place three Electric Bombs and connect two of them, which creates a tripwire, unless there are obstructions or they are set too far apart. Once the third is placed, they all blow up regardless of how far away they are.

Super Smash Bros. Brawl


The Sylux trophy and info from Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

Sylux has also appeared as a trophy in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. It is the only one of the hunters' trophies that is referred to with gender-neutral pronouns.


"A skilled marksman and bounty hunter experienced in espionage skills such as scouting and tracking. While much of its background remains a mystery, it is clear that it hates Samus and the Federation. Sylux uses the Shock Coil, an experimental Federation-made weapon that continually drains energy from enemies and refills its own."

Nintendo DS Metroid Prime Hunters


Official data

Metroid Prime Hunters manual

Troopers v Sylux on Cylosis

Sylux fighting Galactic Federation troopers on what may be Cylosis.

"Sylux is a resourceful tracker, and a deadly sharpshooter who harbors an intense hatred for the Galactic Federation and for Samus Aran for assisting the Galactic Federation in the past."
Alt-Form - Lockjaw

Nintendo Power March 2006

"Sylux's background is unknown, but the hunter's motives are clear - to crush the Galactic Federation. Using technology suspiciously similar to a stolen Federation prototype, Sylux can deploy blades that travel along beams of energy while the hunter is in ball form." [4]

Logbook entry


Metroid Prime Hunters

Logbook entry

This hunter's power suit appears to be based on a federation prototype and possesses extraordinary offensive and defensive capabilities. SYLUX's weapon is the SHOCK COIL, a banned technology that fires charged blasts of high-density NEUTRINOS.

"Little is known about the mysterious bounty hunter known as Sylux, other than the fact that Sylux harbors an intense hatred for the galactic federation and the bounty hunter who has helped the Federation time and time again... Samus Aran."

Metroid Prime Hunters: The Official Nintendo Player's Guide

"Sylux was already in pursuit of Samus Aran when the Alimbic transmission was broadcast. For reasons no one knows, Sylux has long nursed an intense hatred of the Galactic Federation, its member planets, and most of all, its star bounty hunter, Samus.
Sylux may well be Samus's equal--resourceful, efficient, and infinitely patient. The mysterious hunter has been tracking Samus secretly for days, waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike.
Sylux's primary target is Samus herself, but the secret of ultimate power would be of great help against her. In fact, it just might be powerful enough to destroy the entire Galactic Federation..."

Metroid Prime Hunters - Know Your Enemy

"In arenas with veiled doorways or narrow main passages, Sylux's Alt-Form Bombs are great traps. In Capture mode, Sylux can pursue hunters who have stolen his Octolith and sap their energy."


Like all other Bounty Hunters, Sylux has his own music theme heard when Samus battles him in Adventure Mode.

Development notes

An interview with Richard Vorodi, the story designer of Hunters, was published on August 6, 2020. In it, he said that a "great backstory" exists for Sylux, with "a lot of threaded storytelling in there, that made using the character in other games a good fit." He also indicated that he knew Sylux's true identity, but did not elaborate.[5] Vorodi added in a later interview that there were "rumblings" of Sylux having a further role in the Metroid Prime franchise, and that NST were excited when they discovered his cameo in Corruption. He suggested that Sylux was Tanabe's favorite of the Bounty Hunters.[6]

While Sylux's full body is not shown in Federation Force, hacking of the game's camera shows that his model is that of a Federation technician, albeit with modified armor (pictured in the gallery below). It is unconfirmed whether Sylux is canonically wearing different armor (possibly a disguise for infiltrating the Galactic Federation), or if this is simply reuse of game assets that was never intended to be seen by players.


  • Metroid Prime Hunters: The Official Nintendo Player's Guide incorrectly states that Sylux turns invisible when equipped with the Imperialist. This exact same sentence is used on Trace's page. In-game, Trace is the only one who can turn invisible.
  • Sylux's Lockjaw form is designed very similarly to Samus's own Morph Ball, being able to release three bombs at a time and having a similar green orb of energy at its center. These similarities may suggest that the Galactic Federation has begun to construct prototypes of Samus's gear, which is further progressed with the downloadable data in Metroid Fusion.




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