The Synergy Core is a room on the Celestial Archives. It appears in Metroid Prime Hunters. There are six platforms in this big room. Samus can climb four of them to get to the Transfer Lock or she can climb all six to get to the Stronghold Portal in its own chamber. There is a Yellow Force Field blocking the walkway to the Transfer Lock. Higher up on a ledge, there is also another Yellow Blast Shield. An Elevator takes Samus to the top of the room and a Jump Pad catapults her to the door.

In the small chamber, there exists an Alimbic Artifact, and to get the Shield Key to lower the Artifact Shield, Samus must fire projectiles at four Power Conduits around the room.

Connecting rooms[]

A small chamber of the Synergy Core where the Binary Subscripture artifact is housed.


Shield Key
Fire at the four Power Conduits around the room
Binary Subscripture
Obtain the shield key. It is in the middle of the part of the room with the switches.


Scan the lift controls for the Object scan Lift Controls.

Scan the Alimbic prophecy icon for Lore scan Alimbic Prophecy 05.

Scan the portal for the Object scan Portal.

Yellow Force Field

"Analysis indicates the force field is impervious to most weapons. A HIGH-VOLTAGE weapon may damage its Guard Node."