Synthetic Metroid rations refers to some form of artificial nutrient prepared for consumption by Metroids. These rations were manufactured by the Space Pirates during the events of Metroid Prime, as they were conducting Phazon infusion experiments on Metroids on Tallon IV. These rations were created with the hopes of providing Metroids a source of nourishment alternative to their need for energy. At some point, it became clear that the rations were ineffective at sustaining Metroids and the Pirates planned to suspend production of synthetic Metroid rations and replace them with live bio-energy sources at a later date.

Terminal scansEdit

Omega Research
"Metroids are not responding to synthetic sustenance. We have reason to believe they only gain nourishment from active bio-energy sources."
Metroid Quarantine A
"Suspension of synthetic Metroid rations has been ordered. Synthetic Metroid rations to be replaced by live bio-energy sources on 12.025.1."
"Synthetic Metroid ration mix processing in progress."