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System Control Rings are a technology presumably created by the Luminoth. In Metroid Prime 2: Echoes, Samus comes across these if she enters the Grand Windchamber. They are a set of four rings that are the crucial element of the puzzle to obtain the Sunburst. As they cannot be activated from Aether due to transdimensional flux, Samus must take a Dark Portal into the Ing Windchamber and then line each Ring up with four Spinners. If illuminated light brownish, it is in the correct position. Following this, Samus must fire Seeker Missiles at four Locking mechanisms, which de-illuminates the Rings and raises two Grapple Points in the Aether Windchamber. She must then repeat the process, but spin the Rings until they are bluish grey. Destroying the new locks will raise the other two Points. After this, the Rings fall off the structure in both dimensions, and Samus can return to Aether, use the Grapple Points and then a Kinetic Orb Cannon to reach the Sunburst.

The rings are actually just rectangular sections that extend into a thinner ring around the central structure.

Scan[edit | edit source]

"Object analysis complete.
Target is a System Control Ring.
Control interface for this unit is not present; analysis indicates it is on Dark Aether.

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