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The T-shaped corridor[1][2] is a room in the Exam Center. It appears in Metroid: Other M.


As its name implies, this corridor is in the shape of a T. This is the first room of the Exam Center and is quite plain in terms of appearance. There are numerous thin, rectangular lights mounted on the ceilings, walls and floor, with different colors. The floor lights are dark blue, the ceiling lights are cyan, and the wall lights are white. At least two sections of wall lights are broken, and emitting sparks.

To the left of the corridor is a dead-end, with two doors lined with a border that has a black and yellow striped pattern, akin to barricade tape. These doors cannot be opened by Samus and presumably lead to unexplored sections of the Exam Center. A disabled FG-1000 bot is found on the floor here.

Another door to proceed further into the Exam Center is on the right side of the corridor, but locked. The wall beside this door, also lined with the black and yellow borders, has a weak section at its base. Samus can rip a hole in this with a Missile or Bomb to reveal a hidden tunnel. This tunnel leads to a small corridor, at the end of which is a door to a small room with a terminal. Using the terminal unlocks the door. Another disabled FG-1000 bot is found in this corridor.

This room is destroyed along with the rest of the Exam Center in an explosion triggered shortly after Samus enters Sector 3 / Pyrosphere.

Connecting roomsEdit

  • Navigation Booth (via automatic door)
  • Small security room (via automatic door)
  • Monitor hallway (via automatic door)



  1. ^ Metroid: Other M Premiere Edition page 72: The Biosphere Test Area is a large, wide-open area with a small tower near the center. Enter the tower—an Exam Center—and ride the elevator to the top. Save your progress again at the next Navigation Booth to unlock the next hatch and enter the T-shaped corridor."
  2. ^ "Turn right at the corridor and use Search View to find a weak spot in the far wall. Shatter the weak spot with a missile, then drop into Morph Ball mode and roll through the now-exposed tunnel. Use the computer at the end of the tunnel to unlock the door at the right side of the T-shaped corridor."

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