Manga and zeroEdit

Careful, RBX. You mixed in the events of the manga with the Zero Mission. ChozoBoy (Talk/Contribs) 04:53, March 21, 2011 (UTC)

Emotional breakdownEdit

Due to complaints about the emo-breakdown of Samus in Other M in contrast to her having already beaten him 4 times prior to the encounter, I am wondering if we have an article which mentions possible reasons for that. Two came to mind...

  1. Perhaps Samus had some kind of traumatic amnesia and actually blocked out what Ridley did and simply did not remember it during the earlier encounters so it never bothered her
  2. Perhaps Samus DID break down during the earlier games but we just did not notice it because of the low-quality graphics (opaque face plate) or perspective (seeing her view instead of her head in Prime trilogy)
  3. Perhaps it was the cumulative despair of Ridley coming back AGAIN and AGAIN, as if killing him never did anything, and he became more and more godlike and immortal-seeming to her each return, until she snapped.
  4. Perhaps she felt more confident in previous encounters but something about events preceding the Other M encounter broke her confidence

Any others? talk2ty 05:41, December 6, 2014 (UTC)

SR388 mission Edit

The battle cutscenes are still part of the battle and what's in them don't have a major effect on his story like Samus' interaction with the hatchling. It needs to be heavily cleaned up, regardless. Same with the sections around it, which I attempted to do in my edit. --Madax the Shadow {ADMIN} (talklogscontribs) 15:08, September 17, 2017 (UTC)

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