Drawings on halfpipes?!Edit

Did anybody else notice the drawings/carvings on the halfpipes from metroid prime 2 (especialy the ones in Torvus)? They seem to have the pattern of the Dark Suit's Morph Ball form carved into them. The only rooms with such halfpipes i can think of right now are Torvus Plaza, Dark Torvus Arena and the Torvus Grove. Are thery some sort of hint that you have to use the Boost Ball there? If so, how did the Luminoth (who supposedly built the halfpipes) know how Samus's morph ball would look like? Can anyone answer these questions and is it ok to mention this ... oddity in the article, at least in the trivia section?

Sure. --RoyboyX 14:35, August 30, 2010 (UTC)

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