Splash Screen or Main Theme?Edit

This video shows some of the music tracks in Ultimate (although some, like Vs. Meta Ridley, are apparently not yet unlocked, hence why they're missing from the list). In this video, Splash Screen's title is "Main Theme - Metroid Prime: Federation Force".

So... is this a NTSC/PAL thing, or did they actually change the name of the song since the August Direct? The latter is not an impossibility, since some songs have slightly altered titles (like Opening/Menu (Metroid Prime)). Not helping is the fact that, as far as YouTube uploads of the Smash soundtrack is concerned, some videos are titled "Splash Screen" and other videos are titled "Main Theme", and I can't tell if the former is still based on outdated information (i.e. the Direct) or if there is a genuine discrepancy in different releases of the game.

And if they'd change "Splash Screen" to "Main Theme", then whose idea was it to keep "Boss Battle 4" just the way it is? Come on, give us "The Burning Lava Fish" levels of cool titles like "The Alien Encounter", or at least a boring but descriptive name like "Vs. Zeta Metroid"!

Therefore, if anyone already owns Ultimate (I don't), can you check the Sound Test and see what this song is called? And if you're using NTSC or PAL? And for that matter, is Magmoor Caverns still titled "Area 1 - 5 Torrid Zone"? --PeabodySam (talk) 19:05, December 13, 2018 (UTC)

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