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The tall Chozo structure in Metroid: Zero Mission

The tall Chozo structure[1] is a unique Chozo statue seen in Metroid: Zero Mission.


The tall Chozo structure is only in the Chozo Ruins in Crateria. It appears to be a very large column, decorated with repeating patterns seen on blocks throughout the Chozo Ruins. The top of the column is shaped like the head of a Chozo, who appears to be wearing a hood or a helmet. Along the sides of the column are three arms, reaching upward with their talons.

When Samus Aran first sees the tall Chozo structure during her Zero Mission, it is mostly buried in the floor of a shaft in the Chozo Ruins, leaving her without a way out of the temple. Once the Power Grip is obtained from an adjacent room, the tall Chozo structure rises to its full height, and platforms materialize in its claws and down its center. This teaches Samus how to use her newly-acquired Power Grip as she jumps from platform to platform, ascending the structure and exiting the chamber.

Super Smash Bros.[]

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Although they have never been canonically seen in Norfair, two tall Chozo structures are visible in the background of the Norfair stage introduced in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. They exist only as decorations and do not have any impact on gameplay. They are found near architecture that also resembles the aesthetics of the Chozo Ruins. The tall Chozo structures, along with the rest of the stage, receive graphical updates in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

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Official data[]

Metroid: Zero Mission: The Official Nintendo Player's Guide[]

042 GET A GRIP (pg. 38)
"On your exit from the area that held the Power Grip, you'll witness the growth of a tall Chozo structure that sprouts platforms. Use the Power Grip to grab each platform and climb to the left side of the broken bridge."


  • The hood worn by the Chozo depicted in this statue resembles the nemes worn by Egyptian pharaohs, which would fit the general ancient Egypt-inspired aesthetic of the Chozo Ruins in Zero Mission.