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The "tall elevator shaft" is a room in the Main Sector. It appears in Metroid: Other M.


This room contains a long elevator shaft built into the back wall. It connects between three different levels of the Main Sector, giving access to the Control Bridge (highest), BOTTLE SHIP Control Room (middle) and Main Elevator (lowest). The shaft is encased in a durable glass with free movement possible in the elevator itself during the ride.

Samus approaches the elevator from the "middle" floor.

The back wall has a pattern of narrow, turquoise fluorescent lights that extend from the edges of the wall into the elevator, forming a "trapezoid" shape when viewed from the front. Near the bottom floor (which leads toward the Main Elevator) there is a series of wall-mounted ledges and curved platforms surrounding the elevator. The platforms have a yellow and black-striped pattern on their edges that indicate they can be grabbed onto; while the ledges do not have this pattern they can also be grabbed. A swarm of Bulls surrounds the platforms, but they can be safely ignored unless Samus wishes to collect an Energy Part (see below). Otherwise, she is free to continue into the next corridor. On the bottom right wall is a raised platform with railing, and what appears to be an inaccessible door with a fan-like pattern on it and two red lights or switches on either side of it.

Upon Samus's return to the BOTTLE SHIP after the credits, she is forced to take a detour through the Control Bridge to get to the upper Control Room. She enters the top floor of this room, where the top of the elevator shaft can be seen. There are three curved cables on each side of the shaft's apex extending toward the ceiling. As Samus descends the elevator, it will suddenly stop in front of a portion of the shaft with a crack in the glass. If examined, the Combat Visor will indicate that it can be destroyed with a Power Bomb. Doing so obliterates the elevator and the glass surrounding it, leaving rings of dripping, melted glass where the elevator once rested, although it cools down quickly and poses no harm to Samus. She can then jump down the rest of the shaft and proceed to the Control Room to retrieve what she came for.

Connecting rooms[]


The elevator is destroyed.


Energy Part
On the highest ledge in the lower half of the room.
Missile Tank
Outside the elevator on the middle floor is a tunnel running around the shaft. Samus can climb into it with her Morph Ball and lay a Bomb to destroy a grate obstructing her access to this tank.

Official data[]

Metroid: Other M Premiere Edition[]

Page 51
"Ride the elevator all the way down into another room with ledges lining the sides. This time, however, the room is infested with spore creatures. Hit them with several Beam blasts or a Normal Missile to destroy them. Once the room is clear, go through the hatch on the left side of the bottom floor.
CAUTION: "Don't let the spore creatures get too close! If they get within striking distance, they’ll explode and inflict major damage!"
Energy Part!:"There is an Energy Part on the left side of the highest U-shaped ledge in the room with the spore creatures. Climb up all the ledges to reach it."
Page 163
"There is an Energy Part on the left side of the highest U-shaped ledge in the room with the Bulls. Climb up the ledges to reach it."