The Tallon Canyon is a room in the Tallon Overworld. It appears in Metroid Prime.

Description[edit | edit source]

This is a large room containing several waterfalls, a pool with Blastcaps, two Great Trees and a number of ledges around it to climb up, and a Half-pipe. The half-pipe can be used with the Boost Ball to reach the high up natural bridge in the room. This leads to a low opening block by a series of Sandstone walls that can be destroyed with Bombs. Past these, a small cave is found containing a Door to Gully.

A Secret World can be found within this room: [1]

Connecting rooms[edit | edit source]

Inhabitants[edit | edit source]

Scans[edit | edit source]

Great Tree
"Tree appears to be healthy. Ring dating approximates age at over 200 years."
"These large branches have been forcibly intertwined, forming what looks to be a bridge structure."

Lichen scan

"This lichen appears to be giving off low levels of radiation. No matches found in flora and fauna databank."
"The stone surface this lichen grows on appears too smooth to be natural."
Sandstone wall
"Stress fractures can be detected throughout the surface of this Sandstone wall."
Stone creeper
"Species: Stone creeper. Ground vines leech nutrients from moisture that collects on rock faces."

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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