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The Tallon fern is an inanimate species of plant-life indigenous to Tallon IV. It is seen in Metroid Prime, growing in the Tallon Overworld area. All of the ferns encountered in the game are harmless, although toxic subspecies are known to exist as well. Physically, these plants are almost identical to real-world ferns.

Official data[]


Species: Tallon fern
Nontoxic variety of psilo tallonensis. Commonly found near water sources.


Metroid Prime flash game.

  • The Tallon fern is the only life form in the Metroid series to ever receive a conventional scientific name, in this case psilo tallonensis.
    • Although the name psilo in psilo tallonensis suggests that these plants bear similarities to the Psilotopsida class of ferns, the actual appearance of the Tallon fern much more closely resembles the class Polypodiopsida.
  • The toxic variety of Tallon fern is never encountered in game. However, it is possible that it may have appeared during the battle against Flaahgra, in which the creature sprays a substance that spawns toxic plants. It may also have been shown during its death in which fern-like plants sprout out of the flower base as Flaahgra sinks into it.