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A hole covered with weakened Talloric Alloy.

Talloric Alloy is an alloy that can only be destroyed by Bombs or Power Bombs. It is found throughout the Metroid Prime trilogy, and generally serves a purpose similar to that served by the Sandstone found only in Metroid Prime. It takes one or two hits to destroy. It is thought to have originated on Tallon IV, due to its similar name. It appears in Metroid Prime (only in one room: Reflecting Pool), Metroid Prime 2: Echoes and Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. In scans of Talloric Alloy objects, the alloy's name is often highlighted in red or orange as a hint.

In Echoes, the vast majority of Talloric Alloy objects are found in the Agon Wastes. While it is not possible to scan the Bomb-destructible blocks in the Mining Station Access and Junction Site rooms, it is likely that said blocks are composed of Talloric Alloy.

In Corruption, there is a destructible cap covering a Morph Ball tunnel in Cargo Dock C, but it is not directly stated to contain Talloric Alloy.


Metroid Prime[]

Drain cover (Reflecting Pool)
"Fractures detected in Talloric Alloy drain cover. The cover still functions, but its integrity is unstable."

Metroid Prime 2: Echoes[]

Tunnel cap (Hive Chamber B)
"Object analysis complete.
Tunnel cap is composed of Talloric Alloy. Combat damage has destabilized the cap considerably."
Rock pile (Transport A Access)
"Structural analysis complete.
Section has taken heavy damage. Talloric Alloy within section has fractured, leaving area unstable."
Rock (Mining Plaza, blocks access to Agon Map Station)
"Structural analysis complete.
Eroded rock section contains Talloric Alloy. Numerous fractures present."
Barriers (Agon Temple)
"Structural analysis complete.
Object is composed of Talloric Alloy. Stress fractures detected: strucural integrity critical."
Tunnel block (Portal Terminal)
"Structural analysis complete.
Object is composed of Talloric Alloy. Structural integrity has decayed considerably."
Grating sections (Command Center Access and Warrior's Walk)
"Structural analysis complete.
Grating section is composed of Talloric Alloy. Structural integrity critical."
Block (Temple Access)
"Structural analysis complete.
Block is composed of Talloric Alloy. Erosion has weakened it considerably."

Metroid Prime 3: Corruption[]

Damaged panel (Crash Site)
"Structural analysis complete. Scans detect high amounts of Talloric alloy within damaged panel."
Broken golem statue fragment (Ruined Shrine)
"Broken golem statue fragment. Structural integrity compromised. Talloric alloy detected within stonework."
Grating (Leviathan Access Portal)
"Grating is covering vent duct. Scans indicate that the Talloric alloy within the grating has weakened."
Maintenance-duct panel (Creche Transit)
"The Talloric alloy in this maintenance-duct panel has weakened with age."