Talvania Gas.png

Talvania Gas is a green gas that is ubiquitous throughout Talvania in Metroid Prime: Federation Force. This is the gas that composes Talvania, and is present in M13: Phantom and M18: Hightower as a hazard. In fact, both missions have bonus objectives to not take damage from the gas. This can be quite difficult in the latter mission, as the gas is highly concentrated at the base of a Drill the Federation Force is protecting, and they may have to go down there to stop enemies from damaging it. The Sealed Joints MOD reduces damage taken from exposure to this gas, as well as electrical storms on Bion.

The Space Pirate HQ on Talvania was built underneath a massive underground pocket of Talvania Gas. This was done because the gas did not negatively affect any of the Space Pirates, but it would keep the Federation Force out.

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