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The "tank chamber" is a room in Sector 2 / Cryosphere. It appears in Metroid: Other M.


This chamber is a small room. What purpose it served for the staff of the BOTTLE SHIP is unclear. There are four long tanks in this room against the back wall, filled with a dark, viscous liquid, which may be a (decayed) stasis or coolant liquid. The tanks resemble the Xenome Containment Units used by the Space Pirates on Tallon IV. However, Xenome units are more fragile than these tanks, which are sturdy and do not break if shot at.

On the right side of the room is a gate guarded by a Desbrachian, which cannot be removed until after the credits. Above this is a pair of pipes extending into the ceiling, over a red light that illuminates the surrounding wall.

The tanks after being emptied.

Beside the tanks on the left side is a trio of green exhaust pipes. The rightmost one is broken at the bottom of it, with a hole that the Morph Ball can fit through; the pipe is found constantly leaking a gas. Entering the pipe leads to a tunnel underneath the floor with two red switches. Part of the tunnel can be seen through grating in the floor. When Samus is in the tunnel, part of the floor disappears so that the camera can focus on Samus. To give power to the tanks and drain the liquid from them, Samus must lay a Bomb on both switches. Each switch drains two tanks.

Once the tanks have been emptied, Samus can stand behind the rightmost tank and enter Search View, then fire a charged Wave Beam shot through the tanks to hit a hidden sensor on the wall past them. Doing this provides power to a hatch over a small opening in the back wall. Samus can use it to climb into a long tunnel that stretches across the exterior of the BOTTLE SHIP, with part of the outer station and space visible. The tunnel leads back into the elevator room to the Main Sector, and can be taken the opposite way as well.

Connecting rooms[]



Energy Part
Requires Power Bombs. Samus must use a Power Bomb to summon the Desbrachian from its gate and then destroy it to obtain this Energy Part. It is one of two out of four Energy Parts in the Cryosphere to be obtained from a Desbrachian, with the other being in the "cooling fan hallway".

Official data[]

Metroid: Other M Premiere Edition[]

Page 102
" By the time you defeat the Rhedogian, you have reached the end of the ride on the platform. Pass through the next hatch and enter a small room with several tanks full of liquid. In Morph Ball mode, drop into the hole on the right tube and roll into a narrow area with several red plates. Use bombs to activate the plates and empty the tanks of liquid."
Once all of the tanks are empty, roll back out into the main room and stand to the right of the last empty tank. Turn around and face the way you came into this room and locate the circular plate at the far end of the room—it's across all four tanks, on the right side of the door you used to enter. Hit it with a Charge Beam blast to activate it and open a small hatch overhead.
Hoist yourself into the hatch and roll all the way down the narrow tunnel back to the Main Elevator room of Sector 2. Take the Main Elevator to the Main Sector, then hop into the elevator to Sector 3."
Page 166
"Use a Power Bomb to wake the Desbrachian in this room and defeat it. Behind it is a hatch to a small room holding an Energy Part."