The Taramarga is a door-blocking creature that appears a few times in Metroid: Samus Returns.


The Taramarga is a pink entity that serves as an obstacle, as it burrows over a door and creates an organic barrier in front of it. While it is possible the creature itself can be easily destroyed without its protective wall, the Taramarga cannot be removed until Samus Aran obtains the Wave Beam, which can penetrate the wall. Once killed, the Taramarga drops many pickups and never respawns.

Taramargas are most commonly found in Area 2, where they block progression until Samus locates the Wave Beam in the same area. However, one Taramarga can be found in the purple liquid tunnels of Area 1, guarding a room with a Missile Tank. In Area 3, several Taramargas guard boss rooms containing Gamma Metroids, serving a similar purpose to Gadoras from previous Metroid games.

Official dataEdit

Metroid: Samus Returns Official GuideEdit

DOORS (pg. 26)
"Some doors are inaccessible with the standard Power Beam, but not because of anything the Chozo did. Creatures have climbed onto these doors and made them their new home - creatures like the Taramarga, a pink growth that creates an organic barrier around itself as protection from harm. Only a weapon that can pass through solid obstacles can destroy and remove a Taramarga. Luckily, the Wave Beam happens to be just such a weapon."


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