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The "Tatori's room" is an optional room in Super Metroid.


This room does not need to be visited in order to complete the game. Its purpose is to provide two optional expansions for Samus's energy and Missile reserves. The room begins with a passageway that exits into a tall cave with no other exits. It is not completely engulfed in water, unlike much of the western half of Maridia where the room is located, and it is possible to get above the water. Strands of grass that resemble a plant on Bryyo, and are found in many other rooms of western Maridia, can be found growing on the floor. High above the surface is a Grapple Point with an Energy Tank atop it.

Notably, this room is the only appearance of the Tatori creature and its offspring. Their mother is docile unless Samus touches the infant Tatori, which will cause the mother to attack her. Samus can stand on the mother's shell until it rises into the air, and then jump off to reach the Grapple Point. There is also a Missile Tank in the upper wall. Samus can swing over to a slight groove on the right wall and then shoot downward to expose the tank, and then drop down and fall into it. If Samus comes to this room with the Space Jump, she can reach the Energy and Missile Tanks without needing to disturb the Tatori.

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Energy Tank
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Missile Tank
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