Temple Access is a room in Torvus Bog from Metroid Prime 2: Echoes. The room is split into two floors. The bottom floor leads to a Green Hatch, so that area is blocked off until Samus acquires Super Missiles.

The Dark Aether version of this room was the Dark Torvus Temple Access.

Connecting rooms[]


Temple Access' Energy Tank.

Energy Tank
On the top section, one of the blocks on the floor is weakened. Scans reveal that it is made of Talloric Alloy. Samus must bomb it to be lead into a tunnel containing the tank, which will in turn bring her to the bottom floor.


Sentinel Crystal
"Xenotech: Luminoth Sentinel Crystal
Used to monitor key sites.
Used by Luminoth soldiers to observe tactical areas during the war. Most are still broadcasting to U-Mos."
Luminoth statue
"Object analysis complete.
This is a statue of a Luminoth warrior.
Age and combat have caused structural damage to the statue, but it is not in danger of falling apart anytime soon."
"Structural analysis complete.
Block is composed of Talloric Alloy. Erosion has weakened it considerably."
Door mechanism
"Mechanical analysis complete.
Device is part of a compromised security system. Only basic door systems remain online."