The Temple Grounds (known as the Gates of Judgement Luminotheus[1] in the Japanese release) is a large area on the Temple Mountain on Aether. It is called such due to the fact that the Great Temple is in the center. Many vermin like Splinters are commonly found here, along with odd plantlife resembling trees. It acts as a sort of hub area in Metroid Prime 2: Echoes, with elevators to Torvus, Agon, and Sanctuary Fortress that Samus Aran uses to travel to these regions initially during her mission. The Dark Aether version of this region is the Sky Temple Grounds.

The color code of the Temple Grounds is Violet. In A-Kul's Clues for the Sky Temple Keys, she refers to it as a "holy land".

Areas and main rooms[]

This sector can be divided into three main areas:

Splinter Hive (subterranean area)[]

This area is mostly underground and is the first area to be explored in the game by Samus. It has traces of a previous attempt to colonize the area by the GFMC Task Force Herakles. The hive is full of dead troopers reanimated by the Ing, along with lifeless marine corpses and Splinters.

Main rooms[]

GFMC area (east area)[]

The satellite installed by Federation forces.

This area was colonized by the GFMC and is partially industrialised. It also has many Luminoth ruins, and includes the elevators to the Agon Wastes and the Sanctuary Fortress. Some dead Galactic Federation troopers can be found here, killed by Splinters or other local predators.

Main rooms[]

Several Luminoth displays.

Ruins area (west area)[]

The rest of the area is mostly abandoned, sometimes with Space Pirates appearing in some rooms. It is mostly full of Luminoth ruins. This area also includes the transport to the Torvus Bog.

Main rooms[]




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