The Temple Sanctuary is a room in the Great Temple. It appears in Metroid Prime 2: Echoes.


This is the room where Samus faces several Splinters and an Alpha Splinter before they eventually turned into Dark Splinters and a Dark Alpha Splinter. She gains the Energy Transfer Module following their defeat. This is the third room in the Great Temple. This room had many gates guarding the paths to Agon, Torvus and Sanctuary Sectors. The Dark Aetherian version of this room is the Sanctum, although due to the inverted nature of the Sky Temple, it actually occupies the same space as the Sky Temple Energy Controller. This room also contains the sleeping Luminoth in stasis; they are the last members of their species.

Connecting rooms[]


Samus fights the Dark Alpha Splinter.

5 Dark Splinters (were originally Splinters during the cutscene before the battle)
"Morphology: Dark Splinter
Darkling-possessed insectoid predator.
The alien symbiote within the Splinter augments its strength and durability. Threat level raised."
Alpha Splinter
"Morphology: Alpha Splinter
Alpha male of a war pack.
Gigantic predator. Very swift and strong, it uses ramming attacks to defeat its foes."
Dark Alpha Splinter
"Morphology:Dark Alpha Splinter
Alpha male of a darkling war pack.
Gigantic predator with symbiote-enhanced strength, speed, and armor."


Energy Transfer Module
This is rewarded upon defeating the Dark Alpha Splinter.


Ceiling objects
"Unable to scan object.
Unknown energy field is scrambling the scan wave.
Field is localized, and holding at a steady level. Further investigation advised."

The hibernation chambers

Stasis chambers
"Object scan complete.
Units identified as hibernetic stasis chambers.
Lifesigns of hibernating bioforms within the chambers are steady. Chambers are made of a number of exotic metals: it would be quite difficult to breach them with conventional weapons."
Destroyed Splinter Cocoon
"Morphology: Destroyed Splinter Cocoon
Compromised hibernation structure.
This cocoon has been heavily damaged. Only remnants of the cocoon shell remain."
Light Orb
"Unknown Technology"
Translator Door (locked)
"Unable to interface with door control system.
Cannot translate alien text.
To access door controls, you will need to update your translator files."
Violet Translator Door
"Pathway to Agon
Beyond, the pathway to Agon Sector lies."
Amber Translator Door
"Pathway to Torvus
Beyond, the pathway to Torvus Sector lies."
Emerald Translator Door
"Pathway to Sanctuary
Beyond, the pathway to Sanctuary Sector lies"
Telekinetic barrier
"Object analysis complete.
The door is blocked.
A telekinetic barrier is present; its mental signature is similar to that of the Luminoth."


  • The first Ing boss of Echoes is fought here, and the very last Ing of the game is fought in the room's Dark Aether counterpart.
  • The Emerald Translator Gate that Samus enters the room from (on the path to the Sanctuary Fortress) is absent on her first arrival but is locked when she enters the Splinter battle.

Metroid Prime 2: Dark Echoes Q&A[]

QUESTION: Where had the Luminoth who appeared in the ending been throughout the game? Hadn't they all been eliminated, besides U-Mos?

ANSWER: Look closely in the Luminoth Temple's Golden Slumber [Temple Sanctuary] room, at the walls. You'll be able to see many Luminoth hibernating within.[1]