Temple Security Station is a room in Tallon Overworld in Metroid Prime. It consists of a transparent, hexagonal corridor suspended above the Impact Crater, connecting the Chozo Artifact Temple to the rest of Tallon Overworld. Through the energy-shield walls, one can see the Impact Crater itself. As there is an article of Pirate Data in the center of this room, it is assumed to be of at least partial Space Pirate construction.

Connecting roomsEdit


In the center of the room is a hologram in the shape of the symbol of the Chozo Artifacts. Scanning this hologram will reveal Pirate Data Log 10.308.0: "Artifact Site".


Temple Security Station

The Pirate Data

Artifact Site
"Log 10.308.0
Field team reports are in on an aged structure of alien design built on the surface of Tallon IV. Studies show this structure projects a containment field. This field bars access to a prime source of energy within a deep crater. Science Team believes the field is powered by a number of strange Chozo artifacts. Studies for possible resting places for these talisman have begun. As the field could hinder future energy production operations on Tallon IV, we must dismantle it as soon as possible. If this means the destruction of the Chozo Artifacts, it will be done."