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Tension Before a Confrontation (対決前緊張?)[1] is an ominous theme in Metroid Fusion.


As implied by the title, it is heard when about to confront a boss character in the vicinity, often foreshadowing the presence of a boss character, as well as the immediate aftermath of a boss battle, and is heard for all boss rooms save for those of the scientist (due to the character being fought during a countdown), Nettori, the second Security Robot B.O.X. boss fight, the SA-X boss fight, and the Omega Metroid boss fight.

In Metroid Dread, the eerie track Boss Commander X 001[2] heard during Raven Beak's X-infection incorporates the melody of Tension Before a Confrontation, played on tense distorted strings quietly underneath dark ambience and harsh beats; much like the theme's original context, it serves as a prelude to the confrontation with Raven Beak X. Additionally, part of Boss Cooldown-X features another ominous arrangement of this theme.

The original theme can be heard here. The Dread arrangement can be heard here.


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  2. ^ The song's filename in the internal data of Dread is "s_boss_commander_x_001", with "s_boss_comamnder_x_002" being Raven Beak X's battle theme.