Leviathan Organism 3

Large, serpentine Tentacles block Samus' path within the Pirate Homeworld Seed in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. They are covered in a thick armor, that is immune to most forms of damage save for the Nova Beam, which when combined with the X-Ray Visor to target their delicate nervous system within their large head-like structures, destroying them in one hit, causing them to explode in a splash of Phazon. It is unknown whether these are individual organisms or are merely part of a larger one.

Since these creatures replace the Missile Blockers on the Space Pirate Homeworld Leviathan Seed, they may be related to them in some way. The Pirates may have engineered these as "guards", given their intensive interactions with the Seed.

If walked into, they will lash out at Samus, causing her minor damage. This shows that these organisms have some degree of conscious thought, if only at a basic level.


"Tentacle's hide is durable. Scans detect an interior weak point. Use of advanced visor suggested."