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The testing chambers are two identical rooms in the Exam Center, in Sector 1 / Biosphere. They appear in Metroid: Other M.


Both rooms are shaped like octagons, with automatically opening hatches on each wall. Above each hatch is a white light, and the hatches have four lights in the shape of a cross. The floor has a layered octagon pattern as well, consisting of black and silver steel. Behind most of the doors in the first chamber are black tanks containing unknown contents. In the second chamber, all hatches are open and have pathways extending behind them, either connecting to one another or looping around.

Free exploration of both rooms is not possible; the camera places Samus into an over-the-shoulder perspective with her Arm Cannon raised or lowered, with her walking. Both rooms, as with the rest of the Exam Center, are later destroyed by an explosion shortly after the 07th Platoon and Samus leave it.


First chamber[]

The dead Zebesian.

When Samus enters the first chamber, a beeping sound is heard and the door she entered from locks. Through the "top" hatch, Samus is surprised by the source of the beeping, a Cyborg Zebesian that falls towards her. She SenseMoves out of the way and readies her fire, prompting an Examine sequence. Studying the Zebesian's chest reveals that it has a Federation mark, indicating that it has been cybernetically enhanced. Samus contacts Adam to ask him about it, but he claims not to know why a Zebesian has been given cybernetics, and directs her to continue investigating. After this, Maurice shouts for everyone to gather back at the main observation deck. Samus runs back.

Samus: Adam, are you seeing this? It's a Zebesian...but it's been cybernetically enhanced. What is this thing?

Adam: I don't know. Continue your investigation.

Maurice: Everyone, gather 'round!

Second chamber[]

The Zebesians descend upon Samus.

The second chamber cannot be accessed until after Maurice has finished recovering data from the observation deck's main terminal. While searching for Madeline Bergman, Samus arrives in this room. When Samus walks in a sufficient distance, a drop of liquid will fall from the ceiling. She automatically turns around and enters Search View. Examining the ceiling reveals three Cyborg Zebesians hanging off of it, which then drop down. Samus can also look up at the ceiling after she enters the room and target one of the Zebesians to spawn them. Either way, Samus prepares to engage them. Anthony and other soldiers rush to help her, but she directs them to stand back. Adam orders her to dispatch the creatures and for the soldiers to evacuate. The door locks before Anthony can run in to assist Samus.

Samus (not subtitled): Get back!

Adam: I want all the soldiers to evacuate this area. Samus! Your orders are to take care of all enemy targets!

(doors close) Anthony: Samus!

There are initially three Zebesians, but three more spawn in as each one is killed. When one is left, it runs into one of the corridors behind the hatches, forcing Samus to pursue it. Once it is dispatched, the camera shifts over Samus's right shoulder with her Arm Cannon raised. She remains this way until she returns to the main observation deck.

Connecting rooms[]


Official data[]

Metroid: Other M Premiere Edition[]

Page 72
"Follow the halls past the vending machines to a large room lined with several small chambers.
Examine the chambers lining the room. As you do, an armored creature resembling a Zebesian tumbles out and onto the floor. In Search View, scan the body and examine the small insignia on its chest. When you report your findings to Adam, the other Galactic Federation soldiers, now in the main observation deck, make a revelation of their own."
Page 73
"Follow the path through the Exam Center to a room similar to the one where you found the cybernetically enhanced Zebesian and explore all the hatches. They’ve all been left wide open. As you step near the center hatch, a big glop of goo drops from the area behind you. Turn around and look above you. High above the room are three enhanced Cyborg Zebesians!
Open fire as soon as the battle with the Zebesians begins. Use Overblast attacks to get the jump on them, and leap from enemy to enemy as you pounce on their heads and fire. The Zebesians attack with Arm Cannons of their own. Elude their offensives, using SenseMove to dodge their blasts, and use Overblast to destroy the creatures. More Zebesians appear as you eliminate the first batch of enemies."
"If an enemy retreats into one of the side hatches, follow it in. The side hatches lead to a long walkway that connects both sides of the room. If you let the Zebesians hide in the tunnel, they'll pick you off from a distance with their blasts."


First chamber[]

Second chamber[]