The Tetra Galaxy is a galaxy that made its appearance in Metroid Prime Hunters that was once ruled by the mighty Alimbic civilization. The Tetra Galaxy is outside the domain of the Galactic Federation, which is why the mission, to them, is quite dangerous for Samus. The only area seen in the game is the Alimbic Cluster.

Arcterra is said to be "located at the farthest reaches of the Tetra Galaxy", indicating the position of the Alimbic Cluster in relation to the galaxy.

Logbook entry[edit | edit source]

Tetra Galaxy

Metroid Prime Hunters

Logbook entry

This area was once under ALIMBIC control. Ruins detected on various planets indicate a vast civilization.

Places of interest[edit | edit source]

Alimbic Cluster[edit | edit source]

Etymology[edit | edit source]

"Tetra" is a numerical prefix for the number four, the amount of locations residing in that area when the game begins. It is also a species of fish, and in relation to other Nintendo games, the name of a character in The Legend of Zelda.

According to Richard Vorodi, the galaxy was named for a school of tetra fish in an aquarium he kept on his desk during development of Hunters.[1]

References[edit | edit source]

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