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Amtti VII

A bust originally intended to depict Thalyys.

Thalyys was one of the Bryyo Gods mentioned in notes created by Matt Manchester for Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. Ultimately, the gods did not appear in the retail version of Corruption, but the story behind them was the basis for the numerous busts in the Imperial Hall room. In Manchester's notes, Thalyys is named as the Keeper of the Garden of Light, and is written as being the caretaker of said gardens. The bust created to represent Thalyys was later repurposed as a sculpture of the emperor Amtti VII.


"Keeper of the Garden of Light - Thalyys: Atop the highest mountain in the burning plains dwells the god Thalyys, forever tending to the gardens there, and maintaining the eternal flames. It is written that when the last child of Bryyo has fallen, the flames will extinguish themselves, and the light of the sun will cease to be, casting the world into a great darkness."

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