"What's the matter? All I said was that Komaytos look like little Metr—"

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I requested you because they said you were the best hunter in the galaxy!

—The Client

The Client for Destroying the Delta III.png

"The Client for Destroying the Delta III" (real name unknown) is a human male present only in Samus and Joey. He first appears in chapter 11 and is introduced as the CEO of what is likely a defense contractor company, responsible for the creation of Bioroid Delta III. After it proves defective, is scheduled to be destroyed and goes berserk and destroys a demolition ship, he employs Bounty Hunter Samus Aran to locate and destroy it. Samus soon discovered it had taken refuge nearby Diesel's Junk Quixote. Diesel informed her that Joey Apronika had become friends with a robot he dubbed "U-ton", and Samus made the connection when she saw the scrap metal that U-ton had been providing, which were identical to components from the Moriyushi Factory where Samus engaged the bioroid. Samus confronts the robot again and prepares to destroy it. As it reveals its true colors, Samus' client appears in a small ship, mocking her for apparently taking her sweet time. He reveals that U-ton appeared to have entered its "final phase", which involves the destruction of its nuclear power generator. He appears to be a self-centered man as while he does not care whether the station is destroyed, he does if it hurts his company's standing. After Samus runs off to engage U-ton, the client enters his ship and prepares to exit, though Diesel set a trap on his ship and caused it to explode, although the client does not die.