Unfortunate, what happened to Commander Malkovich. And to think that his entire unit was annihilated... Truly a tragic day... Would you agree, Aran?

—The Colonel

The Colonel[1] (部隊長?)[2] is a doughy Galactic Federation officer with an Irish accent seen at the end of Metroid: Other M.

He praises Samus Aran's work during the mission, and suggests she leave the rest to the Galactic Federation. When his troopers are struggling with a sobbing Madeline Bergman, the Colonel remarks that the death of Adam and 07th Platoon would be a tragic day, but with them gone Samus is an "outsider", and her unofficial status prevents her from contacting the witness. However, Anthony Higgs turns out to be alive, and states that Adam's orders were to secure any survivors upon the BOTTLE SHIP which were authorized by the Supreme Chairman. He shows fury at Anthony's unexpected survival, but allows Anthony to escort Samus and Madeline off the BOTTLE SHIP in the end.

The Colonel accuses Samus of having a predilection towards transporting illegal cargo, and asks her to restrict her actions in future.

His attitude suggests that he may have been trying to cover up Project Metroid Warriors, indicating he is a secondary antagonist. As the Colonel seemed to be part of the cover-up operation of the Deleter, he is likely an agent of the ringleaders, or in fact a leader himself.


  • It is possible that the Colonel was the Federation official seen in Metroid Fusion. This man also tried to cover up the Metroid cultivation program in the Restricted Laboratory, and wears a suit resembling the Colonel's uniform, minus the overcoat.
  • It is interesting to note that though the Colonel looks significantly older than Adam, he is actually lower in rank according to most worldwide military officer rank structures, since Adam was a General. However, this may have just been another oversight by game developers, evidenced by the fact that Adam was recently promoted to Commander (a rank normally associated with navies and is in fact several ranks below both General and Colonel). It is also possible that in the Federation Army the rank of Commander is further up than most other ranks, possibly even being the leader of the Federation military.
  • The Colonel does not appear in the Characters log on the pause screen after the credits. The reason for this is unknown, as every other individual Samus meets on the BOTTLE SHIP appears with a description on their status. This trait is also shared with the Head Quarantine Officer.
  • The concept art of the Colonel is similar to the characters Colonel Campbell and Hot Coldman of the Metal Gear series.