"What's the matter? All I said was that Komaytos look like little Metr-"

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Guide to the Locker.

"The Locker is a storage center, diner, and home away-from-home for all Galactic Bounty Hunters. It has 350 levels, and wall one hundred meters thick. The spaceport receives thousands of ships each month. Space Hunters who recover pirated cargo are allowed to keep half of what they salvage."

The complex is designed to appear like a giant safe. It was only shown in the Nintendo Comics System and the Captain N: The Game Master comics.


"There are thousands of hotel rooms, each specially adapted to conditions on any Space Hunter's homeworld. The Locker also contains restaurants, recreational facilities, a medical complex, and a trading bazaar. Each Space Hunter has his/her/its own locker, to store souvenirs, armaments, and personal belongings. Each locker connects by a warp zone to its own dimension--Creating a huge storage area that takes up no space in this world."

Various floors are accessible via a Gravulator, a floating platform elevator that houses smaller storage compartments (including mechs, tanks, cars, air/spacecraft). Samus Aran has a personal storage area on Level 200, where she stores a myriad of treasures, weaponry, and large assault vehicles. The door, labeled: "Samus Aran, [skull image] Private Property, Keep Out", is locked with a Warpkey that Samus carries. The storage room is actually in a pocket dimension, so Samus does not have to fear robbery since the room does not actually exist without the key. As large as the storage room is, containing dozens of aisles of her property, she claims that she wasn't able to afford a larger one. Among the many items contained within is the Medusa Ray, which is featured prominently in the comic in which the Locker appears.

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