The Last Lord of Science as depicted in Bryyo Lore.

In Metroid Prime 3: Corruption Bryyo Data, the last Lord of Science was a Reptilicus who survived the initial genocide against the Lords of Science by their Primal rivals on the planet Bryyo. Little is known about him, other than he is male and that the lore left on the planet is a result of his efforts. He recounts the devastation of Bryyo through images and lore in hopes that someone will one day find them and save the planet. He also attributes the discovery of Fuel Gel on the planet to himself.

The fate of the Last Lord of Science is a tragic one. After the planet was devastated by the war, and all of the remaining Lords of Science were executed, he continued to work tirelessly using both magics and machines to protect the planet and restore life to the wastelands of Bryyo.

As time past and he grew older, he searched for a successor to continue his work as guardian of the planet. Seemingly by chance he ran across a young Prophetess who had sought him out to speak of her visions. In her dreams, she saw a starborne death coming to the planet and pleaded with him to save the world from the new threat.

Sadly, disaster struck, causing their supply of Fuel Gel to explode which in turn alerted the Primals to their location. Seeing that fleeing would only drive them to pursue the both of them to no end, he opted to stand his ground while the prophetess fled to safety, so she could lay down all of the lore that is found on Bryyo. While their eventual fate is unknown, it is highly likely that they both died at the hands of the Primal war bands. The last words he left behind are a plea to save the world from the starborne plague and lift the veil of hate from the eyes of his people.

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