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I began to see what the worst-case scenario would look like. The ultimate weapon, the Metroid, would be mass-produced, and as soon as an AI that could control them was developed, the plan to create a special-forces unit modeled after the Space Pirates was replaced. But as the AI called MB spun out of control, the facility became a place much like the planet Zebes. If the situation were left alone, galactic society would be put in peril. Even the ringleaders of the operation wanted to avoid that, but they still wanted the Metroids. And that's why they decided to capture the Metroids contained in Sector Zero... and "delete" the rest of the facility, including the Space Pirates, Ridley, and everyone who knew the secret. But before the ringleaders could act, Adam appeared. Adam might have known or suspected the truth about the facility from the beginning. Regardless, since the ringleaders were members of the Galactic Federation, they could no longer act recklessly. And so a Deleter was installed as a member of Adam's team to destroy evidence and plan each subsequent move. But having me added on as a member must have disrupted the Galactic Federation's plans.

Samus Aran


Samus theorising about the ringleaders' plans.

The ringleaders (dubbed so by Samus Aran) were a "small group" within the Galactic Federation that headed the Bottle Ship's special-forces unit and Project Metroid Warriors. Their existance is proof of corruption in the Federation at a level of high power. As the Colonel wanted to protect the plan, it is likely he was a ringleader, along with the Head Quarantine Officer. Whether this group was discovered after Samus' report to the Federation at the end of Metroid: Other M and taken into custody or if they were able to remain anonymous is unknown. Translated concept art indicates that some or all of the ringleaders were former Federation Army soldiers.

The similar conspiracy events of the BSL company in Metroid Fusion suggests that at least some of the ringleaders were able to remain in power and manipulate events, like the creation of more Metroids and the capture of Ridley's corpse. If so, that project's unnamed overseer is likely involved.


  • Samus believed that Adam Malkovich was a ringleader when she learned about Project Metroid Warriors, as his name appears on the screen containing said information. However, this was proven false after he explains to her that his name was co-opted to "approve" the project in Sector Zero.


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