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Theater Mode is an unlockable feature in Metroid: Other M. After the game is completed at least once, the player will unlock a cinema feature that allows them to watch every cutscene in the game. In addition, there is gameplay footage prerecorded by the developers, shown in between cutscenes for a seamless transition. From start to finish, the feature lasts about 2 hours.[1]

Yoshio Sakamoto explained the purpose of Theater Mode in his own words:[1]

There's a 'theater mode' that lets you view all of the cutscenes linked together seamlessly as a single movie. We placed just as much weight on enjoying the story as we did on the action aspects of this game, but it's hard to fully communicate a storyline in a video game with just one playthrough. At the same time, though, it's asking a lot of players to beat the game twice to get it all, so that's where the idea for that mode came from. It lets you make a lot of discoveries, things you missed or dialogue that makes more sense in retrospect. I hope it helps people understand the story better.



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