Theronian Detonation

The Theronian Bomb detonates.

The Theronian Bomb is a thermonuclear explosive, presumably designed by the Chozo, located in the SkyTown area of Elysia. The bomb itself is separated into three pieces, which must be assembled with the Ship Grapple. When Samus collects all three pieces, she places the bomb in the Spire Pod cargo hold.

The bomb is used to disable the Leviathan Shield around the Elysia Seed (the shield generators are located on Elysia's dense core) allowing access to the Leviathan.



Samus' Gunship carries one of the Bomb segments.

Of the three separate Bomb Parts found on Elysia, two are thick segmented rings, and a third is a tapered spike used to hold them. The Theronian bomb is colored primarily orange and black, and features a Chozo Artifact symbol near its bottom.

Bomb Component locationsEdit



A decorative hologram depicting a Theronian Bomb component, seen above the doors leading into the Concourse building.

  • The name of the bomb, as well as the scans of its individual parts, would seem to indicate that the bomb's origin may be from a location with the name "Theronia" or something similar.
  • The Theronian bomb resembles the 1945 Japanese fire balloons.
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