The bomb component in an official render.

The Third Bomb Component is the third and final acquirable piece of the Theronian bomb, and also the only one in Western SkyTown.

This component is the first one that Samus Aran passes by and does not take great notice of it when on her way to cure Aurora Unit 217. Following 217's activation, he calculates a plan to destroy the Elysia Seed. Since Elysia is a gas giant, Samus will not be able to destroy the Leviathan Shield Generators underneath the dense clouds. Instead, she must assemble the Theronian bomb, a thermonuclear explosive device that will destroy the Leviathan Shield itself. However, Samus cannot lift the components herself. 217 first requests that Samus find the SkyTown Federation Landing Site to obtain a special upgrade for her gunship, the Ship Grapple.

Upon acquisition of the upgrade, 217 gives Samus the coordinates of each component. Samus is told that the last component is found in the Transit Hub, the sixth room she had gone through on her visit to the station. Like with the Second Bomb Component, the third piece projects damaging nuclear energy from itself into an open section of the walkway under it. When Samus returns to the Transit Hub with the Seeker Missile, she is able to remove a security system on the component and call her gunship to collect it, fully assembling the bomb and allowing her to place the completed bomb in the Spire Pod.

Scan[edit | edit source]

"Locking mechanisms activated. Simultaneous blast to all targets is required to disengage locks."

"Theronian containment unit. Nuclear substances present. Handle with extreme caution."

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