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The "Thoha elder" is an unnamed Thoha Chozo character introduced in the Chozo Memories of Metroid: Samus Returns. They appear again in Metroid Dread in a reenactment of the Chozo Memories.


The "Thoha elder" was among the Thoha who settled on SR388. After landing on the planet Surface, this Chozo was holding an unidentified glowing orb. While unconfirmed, this Thoha elder likely held a leadership position among the Thoha tribe's SR388 colony.

Eventually, the Chozo discovered the presence of the deadly X Parasites. The "Thoha elder" was accompanied by Chozo Soldiers protected with shields as they witnessed the X infecting Hornoads in Area 4. This Chozo was later present in Area 7's Chozo Laboratory during the creation of the Metroid, and likely oversaw the project to create the X's predator.

Although the Metroids were successful in preying upon the X, they metamorphosed into dangerous, uncontrollable forms and turned against the Thoha tribe. As the Chozo warriors fought back Alpha Metroids, Gamma Metroids, and Omega Metroids, the "Thoha elder" and Quiet Robe were forced to activate Chozo Seals and flood the caverns with purple liquid.

The Chozo returned to the Surface, where they met with Raven Beak and a regiment of Mawkin tribe Chozo Soldiers. The "Thoha elder" addressed Raven Beak, asking for his help in destroying the planet in order to fully eradicate the dangerous Metroids. They were betrayed, and the elder was shot and killed by Raven Beak's Arm Cannon; their smoking corpse lay on the ground along with the rest of the Thoha tribe, save for Quiet Robe who was needed to control the Metroids for the Mawkin tribe's plans of galactic domination.

Physical appearance[]

Like the other Thoha, this Chozo has dark grey feathers. The feathers on their cheeks, chin, and eyebrows are more pronounced to resemble facial hair, while the prominent feathers on their head and arms are much larger and longer than what is commonly seen on Chozo. Their beak is wrinkled, they have bags under their eyes, and they always have a hunched posture; these physical traits all suggest that this Chozo is much older than the other Thoha.

The Chozo wears bluish-grey robes with gold trimmings, and their sleeves are adorned with very large feather-like folds. The Chozo also wears an ornate gold headdress with fin-like shapes on the sides and a tall crest, as well as gold-plated shoulder pads with feather-shaped decorations and plated back armor; these golden accessories are adorned with blue spheres and crystals.


  • The manner in which this Chozo holds an orb in memory 1/11 is reminiscent of a Chozo Statue holding an Item Sphere, or the Ruins Test holding its sphere.
  • In Metroid: Volume 1, Old Bird plays a similar role to this Chozo: both characters are Chozo elders who observe X Parasites infecting Hornoads on SR388 and then oversee the creation of the Metroid as a bioweapon to prey upon the X. It is unclear whether this "Thoha elder" is meant to retcon Old Bird's role in the manga, or if the "Thoha elder" is an updated depiction of Old Bird himself.