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The "Thoha researcher" is an unnamed Thoha Chozo character introduced in the Chozo Memories of Metroid: Samus Returns.


The "Thoha researcher" was among the Thoha who settled on SR388. This Chozo's role appears to have been scientific research, along with other similarly-dressed Chozo working alongside them.

In the subterranean caverns of Area 2, the "Thoha researcher" collected Aeion Orbs released from Hornoads preyed upon by Gulluggs, and contained this Aeion energy within a capsule. While the Thoha colony deployed Robotsmall and Robotbig units to mine for Aeion in Area 3, this Chozo observed the Tsumuri and used a holographic interface with data on the species.

The "Thoha researcher" was present in the Area 7 Chozo Laboratory during the creation of the Metroid, overseen by a "Thoha elder". They likely played a role in bioengineering the creature, since they were using their bracers' holographic interface when the Metroid was released. After the Metroids successfully hunted the X Parasites, this "Thoha researcher" and their fellow scientists analyzed a holographic globe in Area 1.

The fate of this "Thoha researcher" is unknown, since they do not make any clearly visible appearances in later Chozo Memories. In Metroid Dread, Quiet Robe describes himself as the only Thoha spared by the Mawkin in the aftermath of the Metroids' creation, indicating that this researcher is presumably deceased. It is unconfirmed whether this character was killed by the evolving Metroids turning against the Chozo, or if they were killed by Raven Beak and the Mawkin Chozo Soldiers after fleeing the Metroids.

Physical appearance[]

Like the other Thoha, this Chozo has dark grey feathers, with noticeably pronounced feathers on their eyebrows and, to a lesser degree, cheekbones.

The Chozo wears dark red robes with bluish-grey sleeves, embroidered with gold trimmings and octagonal patterns. They wear gold-plated shoulder pads, as well as a helmet that is simpler and less ornate than the headdresses worn by other Thoha, with a simple flat and angular shape adorned by only a single blue crystal upon the forehead. Notably, this particular "Thoha researcher" is distinguished from other similarly-dressed Thoha by additional bluish-grey fabrics: they have a large scarf around their neck, and a pair of small strips hanging down from their helmet on either side of their beak.

This Chozo is equipped with golden bracers on their arms. These appear to be used to project a holographic interface, which can display data or be interacted with by the Chozo's hands, as seen in memories 3/11 and 5/11.