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M2 Phase 9 Three-Ball Blast

The Queen Metroid's three-ball blast in Return of Samus

The three-ball blast[1] is an attack used by the Queen Metroid in Metroid II: Return of Samus.


In Return of Samus, the Queen Metroid has a simple attack pattern: after performing two long-necked attacks, she retreats into her den and performs the three-ball blast. During this attack, the Queen Metroid spits three fireballs[2][3] from her mouth. Once expelled, these projectiles home in on Samus Aran and deal damage. The most effective means of dealing with the three-ball blast is by using the Screw Attack, which instantly dispels each fireball on contact without taking any damage.

The Queen Metroid no longer spits individual fireballs in Metroid: Other M or Metroid: Samus Returns; instead, she breathes a steady stream of fire. However, the Queen Metroid has a very similar attack in Samus Returns, starting in the second phase of the battle. When her eyes and throat glow green, she spits out eight green acidic bubbles[4] that slowly float around the chamber, severely limiting Samus's maneuverability. Unlike Return of Samus, the Screw Attack has no effect on these bubbles, and she will always take damage on contact unless the Lightning Armor is active. The Queen Metroid always pairs this attack with at least one other attack (the fire breath and/or wind gust); however, these bubbles will instantly be dispelled if Samus interrupts the Queen Metroid's fire breath with a Spider Boost.

Official dataEdit

Nintendo Power Volume 37Edit

"Avoid the Fireballs or tear them up with the Screw Attack."

Metroid: Samus Returns Official GuideEdit

"It sprays a small smattering of acidic bubbles around the center of the room, then sprays the floor and east wall with fire."



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