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My main focus is on growing the Nintendo product development activities in Europe, Australia, South Africa, and the Middle East. Two recent examples of projects that materialised in this part of the world, released to market, are SnipperClips Plus: Cut it out, Together! for the Nintendo Switch and Metroid: Samus Returns for the Nintendo 3DS family.
Tim Symons

Tim Symons is a product development manager at Nintendo of Europe. He has worked there since at 2005, beginning as a product analyst and becoming manager in 2016. Symons' focus is on collaboration with independent Western development teams to fund and publish their content on Nintendo's systems. He is also interested in growing Nintendo's development efforts within Europe, Australia, South Africa and the Middle East. Symons was a business manager for Metroid: Samus Returns, which is a recent example of a game released in the mentioned markets. Symons is credited under special thanks in a large number of Wii, WiiWare and Nintendo DS titles.

He was the director and founder of CUBE, an unofficial online Italian Nintendo magazine focusing on GameCube games, which ceased publication in 2005.

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