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The top of the ruins is a room in Chozodia. It appears in Metroid: Zero Mission. In this room, Samus completes the Ruins Test and obtains the Legendary Power Suit.


This is a square room at the very top of Chozodia. The back wall is decorated with hieroglyphs, and a mural depicting a Chozo warrior with shoulders resembling that of the Varia Suit. It appears against a white oval shape with an ornate pattern, and what appear to be two wings. Above the top of the oval is a group of stripes that fan out to the left and right, beside which are characters in Chozo script. Above is an ornate pattern of elongated red and yellow hexagons.

Samus's engraving.

The Chozo mural holds a glistening mirror in its hands. On either side of it are more engravings, depicting two Chozo in white robes and gold crowns kneeling with an object in their hands, four blue sphere-like symbols seen throughout Chozodia - these are Power Suit symbols according to the strategy guide - and two Chozo in armor with spears. Under the warrior itself is a long, pleated skirt, with an etching at the bottom. This was drawn by Samus as a child, and depicts her with two Chozo, possibly Old Bird and Gray Voice.

At the very top of the room are two small ledges. Above the one on the right is a path out of the room through the wall. The end of the path consists of a group of Pit Blocks, which drop to the flooded chamber outside.


When entered for the first time, the camera focuses on the Chozo etchings on the wall, then pans down the large warrior mural. The screen turns black and white as a flashback begins, showing Old Bird holding the hand of Samus when she was very young. The pair observe the mural. The child Samus's face transitions to the adult Samus, who adopts a menacing face as the Ruins Test begins.

Samus wearing the Fully Powered Suit.

The four blue symbols channel energy into the mirror by firing lasers at it, before disappearing. The ghost of the mural appears and begins to move around the room, occasionally causing the blue symbol to appear in its mirror. Shooting the mirror when this happens causes the symbol to return to its socket, when all four are shot, the mural returns into the wall and displays a portal in the mirror. If Samus stands in the middle of the room, she automatically faces the mirror, which displays the Fully Powered Suit before gifting it to Samus.

With her Power Suit restored, Samus becomes able to use Unknown Items incompatible with her previous suit - the Space Jump, Plasma Beam and Gravity Suit. She can leave the room through the exit at the top. As she is leaving, a sectioned wall containing the same symbols from the Ruins Test battle lowers over the door, blocking it from being visited again.

After the credits, a closeup of Samus's engraving at the bottom of the Chozo mural is shown.

Connecting rooms[]



Legendary Power Suit
Complete the Ruins Test.

Official data[]

Metroid: Zero Mission: The Official Nintendo Player's Guide[]

Revelation in the Ruins (page 81)
"When you reach the top of the ruins, a cut scene will reveal Samus's Chozo origins, showing her as a child on Zebes. By ridding the world of Metroids and Space Pirates, you'll be doing a favor for the creatures who saved Samus in her youth.
Fire at the glowing orb when it switches from Samus's image to a Power Suit symbol. The symbol will slide into one of four slots. Avoid the lightning blasts and continue to shoot symbols until all slots are filled."
Gonna Fly Now (page 82)
"The only exit from the large room at the top of the ruins is by way of a passage in the upper-right corner. Use your new Space Jump to string leaps together and rise. After you squeeze through the passage, you'll drop and face a pair of aliens."