Torvus Bearerpods are a genus of plant found in the Torvus Bog area of planet Aether. The plants are large, bulbous pods that when destroyed, release a toxic gas that gradually disperses. They may also leave energy or ammunition behind. Caution is advised when raiding them for items. They could be seen as an equivalent to the Blastcap, another species that grows near and even in water and releases corrosive fumes when attacked.


Logbook entry[]

Torvus Bearerpod

Metroid Prime 2: Echoes

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Morphology: Torvus Hanging Pod
Field cache for Luminoth military.
Designed to hold crucial munitions and supplies for Luminoth warriors. Some may still contain useful items left over from the war.

Logbook entry

The Torvus Bearerpod grows around useful items. The hard outer shell can be destroyed by weapon fire. The Luminoth use the hardy plants to store supplies for operations in the Torvus Bog. They are resistant to the harsh chemicals and diseases that run rampant in the swamp, and emit a deadly cloud when destroyed. This has discouraged their consumption by local animals.

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