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Torvus Bog, also known as Torvus Sector[1], and the Sleeping Underwater Temple Torvus[2] in the Japanese release, is a semi-industrialised wetland area found in the west of the planet Aether. It is the result of an ocean flooding the Torvus Forest[3] due to the cataclysmic Phazon Meteor impact that ravaged the planet decades ago. Torvus Bog is home to many aquatic and reptilian animals, among them the Alpha Blogg. Its Dark Aether counterpart is Dark Torvus.

It has an upper and a lower area. The upper area is mostly what remains of the forest, while the lower areas are a completely flooded industrial area.

The indigenous creatures of Torvus Bog include the Blogg and their offspring, Blogglings; Alpha Bloggs, Hydling, Krocuss, Sporb, Brizgee, Preed (probably brought there by Space Pirates) and Grenchlers.

Areas and main rooms[]

The most notable characteristic of the Torvus Bog is its clear division into two main areas: The upper swamp and the more developed, subterranean section.

Bog area (surface level)[]

Torvus bog wii de asobu.jpg

Once a lush forest ecosystem, Torvus's aboveground areas became partially flooded by the constant rain, transforming it into a gloomy, swampy biome. A region of important Luminoth activity in the past, many of their buildings can be found here, though most have been heavily affected by flooding and rampant overgrowth of indigenous plantlife.

After energy has been restored to the temple, it stops raining in this area and the weather clears up and becomes sunlit, due to the fact that the Light of Aether also controls the weather on this planet. It remains unknown how the ecosystem was changed after Samus saved the Luminoth and departed Aether.

Some of the industrialized parts of the wetland.

Main rooms[]

Submerged level[]

The chambers below Torvus Temple was once used the Luminoth for a number of purposes, ranging from industrial to training, ceremonies and interment of their dead. Since the disaster, however, Torvus’ subterranean section has become almost completely submerged in water. Because of this, many aquatic creatures have colonized these areas in the Luminoth’s absence, including the fearsome Bloggs.

Main rooms[]


Torvus Bog plays throughout the upper bog section of the area. The lower subterranean area uses Torvus Catacombs, an arrangement of the Red Brinstar music from Super Metroid.


  • The word 'Torvus' is Latin for 'fierce'.
  • From Agon Wastes to Torvus Bog just below the Torvus Temple, the connection is an elevator that goes downward into Torvus. However, the two ends of the elevator, Transport to Torvus Bog and Transport to Agon Wastes respectively, are on opposite sides of the planet, yet there is scarcely a difference in elevation.
  • The color code of the Bog is Emerald.


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